Whats Infinity Broadband???

Inifninty is the fibre internet service provive by BT in the UK. It is a FTTC solution providing the possibility improved speeds of internet services. Using a fibre link to the local phone cabinet, then the traditional copper line to your home or premises, a faster experince may be achieved. The speeds are still largely based on the distance between you and the cabinet, and the quality of the copper line. If you are over 1500m from the cabinet then its unlikley that you will get an improvement. Most companies will give you an estimated range of speeds possible.

4G routers a re widely availabel, and where ADSl, or Fibre cannot be used, this may be an option. Simply use a 4g enable phone, and downlaod one of the many Speed Test Apps to see if you get an impoved speed. Many of the gsm provide now provide data pack sims, to enable good internet speeds in some of the remote locations.


To find out more about broadband solutions, and many other IT options, speak to your local IT provider.

In the midlands try CADS an IT Services and Sage EPOS Specialist Ininfinty Broadband